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"A short time after working together I'm finally coming up on Google searches! People thought we were a much larger company than we really are."
Luis M
-Los Angeles, CA
"The transparency & the dashboard is so valuable. It means everything."
Sheila S
-North Carolina
"I've literally met hundreds of SEOs over the years and Collaborate might be the best I've ever seen so far!"
Michael G.
-Click Call Sell

These prices are for the Google Ads .

Google Ads

$ 400
  • +$250 One Time Setup Fee
  • LIVE Dashboard for Daily Reporting
  • EXCLUSIVE We Will NOT Work With Your Competitor
  • Monthly Google Analytics Reporting. Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per Click (CPC) reporting
  • Content - Adding Inner Pages / Landing Pages to Website For Cost per Click (CPC) Reduction