We have a state of the art internal dashboard that works with our team and our clients.

When we complete certain tasks, you will be notified via email.  For example: If we post a blog for your website, you will be emailed with a notice.  This will allow you to know when something has been done on your site.

We DO NOT communicate everything we do for your website.  There are certain tasks that we will not be notifying you of.  such as writing the content, promoting your from others in your industry, and a few others. 

If we told you everything, then we are making us vulnerable to being copied by other companies.

If you need to contact us for anything, you will have a customer service representative who will be your contact.  It is their job to make certain you have any questions you may have answered and to communicate with you.

You can always get a response from support@collaboratepros.com